Breathing and Sleep Solutions

At Jordan J. Balvich, DMD, PC, we are delighted to offer solutions to help our patients effectively prevent snoring.
It is estimated that between thirty and fifty percent of individuals experience snoring, impacting not only their own sleep but also the well-being of those sharing their living space.

Snoring can lead to significant health issues. Beyond causing constant fatigue, it can affect blood pressure, increasing the risk of strokes. Additionally, it can have repercussions on work performance and driving skills.

  • Sleep Ring Study
    Our Sleep Ring Study is designed to comprehensively evaluate and analyze sleep patterns, providing valuable insights into potential issues related to snoring and sleep quality.
  • Review of Findings (ROF) Appointments
    Following the Sleep Ring Study, we conduct Review of Findings (ROF) Appointments to discuss the results in detail, helping you understand the findings and exploring suitable solutions.
  • Vivos Appliance
    As part of our commitment to addressing snoring issues, we offer the Vivos Appliance—an effective tool designed to aid in preventing snoring and improving overall sleep quality.
There are many ways to help prevent snoring. If you eat healthily and exercise regularly, you are less likely to snore. Also, people who are heavier are more likely to snore than people who are at a normal weight. Smokers are also more likely to snore.

You should sleep on your side instead of your back. It may help to raise the head of your bed a few inches. This position will greatly decrease your snoring. Any time you are having breathing problems, you should fix them as soon as possible. When you have a cold or stuffy nose, you will be more likely to snore.

If necessary, we can help you with your snoring. We offer a variety of options to help you keep your airways open at night to decrease your snoring.

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