At Jordan J. Balvich, DMD, PC, we firmly believe in ensuring that the cost of care never becomes a barrier for patients in need of essential dental treatments. Grounded in dental ethics, our commitment extends to advocating for universal access to care that enhances both dental and overall health. To achieve this goal, we provide a range of financing options designed to assist you in managing the costs associated with dental care.

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Different Payment Methods We Accept

We understand the importance of flexibility in payment methods, aiming to accommodate your convenience. Whether you prefer cash, check, or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express), we also welcome Care Credit and offer diverse financing options to make dental care accessible to everyone.

No Insurance? No Problem.
For those without coverage, our Premiere Savings Plan presents a tailored solution, addressing the needs of individuals without dental insurance.

Cutting Costs

Our commitment to cost-effective care begins with a strategic approach focused on minimizing the level of treatment required. We refrain from automatically resorting to intensive forms of treatment and, whenever possible, initiate with minor, cost-effective solutions. Emphasizing proper oral hygiene techniques utilizing common products such as toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash, we further contribute to cost reduction. Additionally, we prioritize efficiency by minimizing the number of visits required for quality treatment, recognizing the demands of our patients' busy schedules.

Ways to Pay

Acknowledging that the cost of dental treatment can pose a financial burden, we actively explore various avenues to alleviate this challenge. Inquire about our dental specials to uncover potential savings on specific treatments. Moreover, we accept all major PPO dental insurance plans, participating in the networks of numerous plans. Recognizing the complexity of insurance, we provide assistance in understanding your coverage and make dedicated efforts to maximize your insurance benefits. Feel free to call us at (219) 964-4567 to verify whether we accept your insurance plan and to engage in a detailed discussion about your coverage.

Flexible Financing

Whether or not you have dental insurance, we provide financial assistance to help you pay the cost of your care. This can especially be helpful when you have a more expensive form of treatment without dental insurance or when the insurance plan does not cover the full cost.

If needed, we offer you flexible payment options to pay down the cost of care over time. This makes it much easier to fit dental care for your whole family within your budget. Please ask us about our flexible payments when you call or when you discover your dental treatment plan.

Don’t assume your family won’t be able to cover the cost of dental care or worry yourself about the costs of treatment. With insurance, specials, ways to cut costs and flexible payment options, we are able to reduce the burden while giving you the high-quality care you need. Please express your concerns and ask us about our options. To check on our financing or make an appointment, call us today at (219) 964-4567.