Sedation Dentistry  Rensselaer, IN

Sedation Dentistry

Understanding that many individuals experience anxiety when visiting the dentist, we empathize with these concerns. Our goal is to ensure that fear does not hinder you from receiving the necessary dental care. To enhance your experience, we provide sedation dentistry, allowing you to relax during dental treatments while remaining conscious and aware of your surroundings. Instead of avoiding dental procedures, feel free to inquire about our sedation dentistry options.

Sleep Apnea  Rensselaer, IN

Sleep Apnea

People suffering from sleep apnea often struggle to obtain the rest they deserve, experiencing interrupted sleep due to breathing difficulties throughout the night. Sleep apnea can lead to multiple health issues, constant exhaustion, and challenges at home and work. Additionally, it may impact concentration and elevate the risk of strokes. Anesthesia poses a significant risk for individuals with sleep apnea due to their breathing difficulties.

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Nitrous Oxide

As part of our sedation dentistry offerings, we are proud to provide nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas. This sedation option helps induce relaxation, particularly if you feel nervous about a dental procedure or a routine visit. In most cases, individuals can drive themselves after recovering from the effects of nitrous oxide gas.

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