dental services  Rensselaer, IN

You and your family can access a comprehensive range of dental services at Jordan J. Balvich, DMD, PC. During each visit, our team of trained professionals is dedicated to delivering top-quality care, aiming to prevent dental issues and address existing conditions.

general dentistry  Rensselaer, IN

General Dentistry

Our primary goal in general dentistry is to help patients maintain a healthy mouth and smile. We prioritize minor, preventive care over intensive treatments, ensuring optimal oral health that positively contributes to overall well-being. Our aim is to brighten your smile and pave the way for a brighter life.

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restorative dentistry  Rensselaer, IN

Restorative Dentistry

Committed to offering a full spectrum of dentistry services, we recommend regular check-ups for repairs or replacements. Continuous assessments of gums and bone density are conducted to evaluate the surrounding areas associated with implants.

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cosmetic dentistry  Rensselaer, IN

Cosmetic Dentistry

A beautiful smile is a sought-after cosmetic feature, and our cosmetic dentistry practice is here to turn that desire into reality. Whether through minor adjustments or comprehensive treatment plans, we aim to enhance your smile and boost your confidence in the appearance of your teeth.

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Sedation Dentistry  Rensselaer, IN

Sedation Dentistry

Understanding dental anxiety, we offer sedation dentistry to improve your experience. This allows you to relax during dental treatments while remaining conscious and aware of your surroundings. Don't let fear hinder your dental care—ask us about sedation dentistry.

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orthodontic services  Rensselaer, IN

Orthodontic Services

Excited to serve our patients, our goal is to craft a perfect smile you can be proud of. After an initial examination and X-rays, we discuss various treatment options for straighter teeth and a beautiful smile, ensuring you find the best option for your needs.

We are proud to offer the following services to achieve the smile of your dreams:

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Breathing and Sleep Solutions

We are pleased to help patients prevent snoring, addressing its potential impact on sleep quality and overall health. Snoring can lead to exhaustion, affect blood pressure, and impact work and driving skills.

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myofunctional therapy services in Rensselaer, IN

Myofunctional Therapy

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy is akin to physical therapy for the mouth, tongue, neck, and face. This exercise-based therapy focuses on proper speech, breathing, chewing, and swallowing.

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Clear Aligner Therapy

To enhance your smile, we begin with a thorough examination and x-rays, discussing various options, including braces, aligners, and retainers. We provide detailed information on the treatment plan, expectations, and costs.

It's never too late to achieve a smile you love—contact us today to explore your options and witness a positive transformation in your smile.

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